Dealing with Drought, Freshwater Shortages, and Climate Change


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for 1990 (above) and 2006 (below) and show northward movement of zones caused by global warming.

The Texas Drought: Causes, Science, Prospects, Law, Resources

Impacts of Climate Change to Western Water Resources

Permanent Drought Predicted in the Southwestern United States

Anthropogenic Climate Change and Climate Science Denialism

Groundwater and the Rule of Capture

USDA Plant Hardiness Zone Maps

National Drought Resources

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Texas Drought Climate and Meteorological Resources

". . . the extreme summer climate anomalies in Texas in 2011. . . almost certainly would not have occurred in the absence of global warming with its resulting shift of the anomaly distribution. In other words, we can say with a high degree of confidence that these extreme anomalies were a consequence of global warming. . . Today’s extreme anomalies occur because of simultaneous contributions of specific weather patterns [such as La Niña] and global warming." - Hansen et al., 5 January 2012.

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Southern Plains Wildfire Outbreak - A New Texas Weather Phenomenon
This newly recognized Texas weather phenomenon is the result of the 2005-2012 drought cycle plus global warming.

Texas Resources for Drought Management

Rainwater Harvesting

Firewise Landscaping
Landscaping to mitigate wildfire damage caused by drought and global warming.

Earth-Kind Drought Preparedness (AgriLife, pdf files)

Water Conservation and Harvesting


Water-Wise Landscape, Plants, and Irrigation

Texas Citizens for Science
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